Sidewinder~Match Lake

Sidewinder has been built by cleaning out two ponds and joining them together with a causeway and an island. We have used as much of the existing ponds as possible within the lake. Sidewinder has 50 purpose built swims fishing to the far bank between 8- 16 metres which have varying depths between 5- 6ft. There is a path around the lake with grass and plants between the swims and the swims are made from sleepers so as to keeping anglers clean and dry. Fish in the lake are Silvers, Rudd, Roach, Bream, Tench and also Carp, Barbel and a few Chub. For summer and winter sport alike.

Over the last few year we have topped up the lake with F1 carp what are brilliant for all year round fishing.

The match weights have increase over the years to over 200 lb in the summer to well over 60 lb in the winter. Keep nets are supplied by fishery with limits of 60 lbs per net.

Best baits for the lake consist of meat, corn, pellet, maggots and worms.

We supply landing nets when fishing on this lake, also if your in a match we will supply keep nets and weigh slings. We will also weigh in your match.

To see the lake and a sample of the fish it contains please view theĀ Sidewinder/Canal Gallery

Welcome to our beautiful fishery in the heart of Sussex