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James Jenner 3/10/14

Further instalments of the French trip write-up are on the way, but tonight I’m doing a cheeky overnighter at More House Farm.
This is our winter Carp water, so I thought I’d come and have an early recce.
Fishing one over a couple of kilos of mixed particle (Always a favourite of mine in the autumn) and one over 50-60 boilies.
The particle spot was soon fizzing, and after a load of liners ripped off at 8pm with a small Cat attached.
As it ploughed through the spot 2 huge Carp jumped out of the way!
Re-positioned the particle rod and about 2hrs later again started having loads of liners, despite having back-leads and semi-slack lines.
At 01:15 it ripped off again, this time resulting in a lovely 25lb 8oz Mirror.
Still got a few hours to go, but more than happy with that result.
Pics to follow!

Tony Keen 11.06.14

I have been fishing moore house farm for a couple of years. I fish the kingfisher specimen lake. I have fished various swims on the lake and have never been disappointed. The lake has matured beautifully. the bailiffs Rob and Simon take care of the lake and anglers fishing it. The lake has no so called hot spots, all swims fish very well with a bit of thought and work. The swims on the lake are spaced perfectly, even when the lake is full there is more than enough room and it never feels crowded. There are some excellent swims for a social trip with a few mates and also some secluded swims for that quiet session if you want one.

Onto the fish, moore house boasts some truly beautiful fish, commons, mirrors and my favourite some stunning ghost carp. From my experience on the lake there are many doulbles,  stacks of 20lb fish and a few 30lb plus to. These fish love their boillies, and with a bit of thought and a nice bit of bait you will have a amazing trip. If you like your catfish you will not be disappointed at moorehouse, there are some true beasts lurking in the depths. Between me and the fellas I fish with we have had numerous 30lb and 40lb catfish. A week before we arrived on our last trip a 77lb cat came out. All the fish at moore house are stunning, will fight well and leave you smiling.

In my opinion moore house ticks all the boxes, stunning fish, beautiful surroundings, fishes well through out the year and has a good amount of large beautiful fish. The lake is well looked after always clean and tidy. Food is available, always spot on and enough to keep even a big fella like me full till the next meal. I would highly recommend this lake to anybody, some of the sessions we have had at moore house would not seem out of place on a big French lake. Whether you are after a good amount of fish or hunting for that big one moore house will suit you.

A few weights of our catches.. 12lb, 19lb6oz, 14lb, 17lb, 27lb, 27lb, 18lb4oz, 30lb(catfish), 15lb6oz, 16pb 8oz.

Trevor 30.04.14

Cheers rob and co, 12 cat total to 217lb :). Best 3 went 35.6lb, 27lb, 24lb. Going home for sleep, see you soon.

Matt Hopper:16.04.14

A very successful fishing match today, smashed it with a winning weight of 181lb 12oz in 5hrs on sidewinder, Looking to break the 200lb mark this weekend, more house farm is the place to be people!


Leigh Holman: 01.01.14

Catch report
Date: 30/12/2013
Venue: Moorhouse farm
Time start: 08:30 to 16:30
Bait: Boilie and paste.
Catch: 9lb 12oz common, 9lb 4oz common and 20lb 12oz mirror

Welcome to our beautiful fishery in the heart of Sussex